Thursday, May 17, 2018

Returning to a blog near you....

That's right!  Im returning to the ole blog after an eternity away.  Well, maybe not an eternity, just over a year.  I have jumped down the rabbit hole that is NAIL POLISH/NAIL ART/ETC!!  

I have been mostly showing my manis on FB and IG.  But, I usually have so much to say about the polish, that I feel blogging would be a little more informational.  I will still be on FB and IG, this will just be added.  

Here are some pics of manis I did in the last year.  

Diamond Blogs - Sinful Colors

Music Box - ILNP

Macarena AAAY!!! - Alter Ego

Hometown Halo - Jreine Cosmetics

Fang Banger - Top Shelf Lacquer

Gentle Benevolent - Alter Ego

With that being said, I hope to see you back here soon!!

Have a sparkle kind of day!

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