Saturday, March 25, 2017

Ah... spring has sprung

Do you smell spring in the air?  Well, here in Louisiana, you smell the pollen!  My allergies feel like Thor practicing with his hammer on my face.  With this being the first week of spring, I decided to do a bright spring mani.

Lately, I have been in love with Neons/Brights.  Perfect time for me to have a neon mani!

Here is the mani then I will give you the dets afterwards.
Skittles mani First Day of Spring 03/25/2017
I am so in luuuurv with this mani.  I didn't know it's called a skittles mani until I posted a pic in a Sinful Colors FB fan page.  I love the name too!  This is for the 30 Days of Colour Challenge FB group for the First Day of Spring.

I started out by putting a peel away base coat on top of my gel nails.  Easier for me to remove and very minimal staining around the edges.  

The colors I picked out were from several different brands.  I wanted neon and/or bright.  Like blinding.  These are the colors I picked.  I will have a full supply list at the bottom of my post.   I totally forgot to put a white polish on first, but I think they came out bold enough for me.   Jimmi's Purple was applied with 2 coats on the thumb.  D'oh was applied in three coats on the pointer finger.  Powder Green was 3 coats on the middle finger.  It is very sheer so I needed that many coats (because of my faux paux with the white base.)  Sunset Strip was also a 3 coater on the ring finger.  Again, sheer and no white.  Water Proof was 2 coats on the pinky.  

After painting, I applied a clear top coat, just in case I mess up on the stamping.  This would allow me to wipe off the stamping with non-acetone remover and not damage the original mani.  

I used Snow Me White for the stamping, along with Bundle Monster plate BM-XL05 and my Born Pretty Jelly Stamper.

I was a little underwhelmed with the mani at this point.  I guess I always need some kind of sparkle on my nails.  I added Fairy Dust to the top and I was sparkling!!!

So far, this is one of my favorite manis!  Still practicing stamping to make my technique better, but thrilled how this turned out.
Close up

Close Up

Supplies for First Day of Spring Skittles mani 03/25/2017
I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of spring!  Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day!!
Supplies used:
Jimmi's Purple and Powder Green - Broadway Nails Gel Strong (Bought these at Dollar General for $1.85 per bottle)
Water Proof - Broadway Nails (Dollar General for $1)
D'oh - Wet N Wild Wild Shine (Rite Aid for $.99)
Sunset Strip - Orly Color Amp'd (KMart for $9.99)
Snow Me White - Sinful Colors (Big Lots for $1.00)
Fairy Dust - China Glaze (Don't have a clue about this one)
Big Peel Off - Sally Hansen (Walgreens don't have a price)
Quick Dry Top Coat - Out the Door (Sally Beauty for $11.49)
Plate BM-XL05 - Bundle Monster (bought in a destash)
Jelly Stamper - Born Pretty (Amazon for $8.99 for 3 stampers and 2 scrapers)

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