Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Put it in reverse

That's right, reverse.  As in reverse stamping.  What the what?  Let's see if I can explain this to where it makes any sense when I put it words.  Reverse stamping is a nail art technique that uses stamping plates, polish and a stamper to make wondrous (it spelled check so I guess that's right) nail art that is not hand drawn.  Right up my alley.  While my husband is the true drawing talent of our marriage, I, on the other hand, cannot draw a stick figure to save my soul.  So, when I discovered stamping, I was all in!

After watching a ton of YouTube vids on stamping, reverse stamping, leadlighting, layered stamping, stamping polishes, stampers (you get the idea), I decided I will try the challenge at Leadlighting & Reverse/Advanced Stamping Nail Art Group on FB for this week.  The theme is St Patrick's Day.

 It actually took me three days to get to where I was happy with the end result.  I tried different colors of green for the background coloring, I tried different golds, until I was happy will the final look.

Reverse stamping St Patrick's Day chall 03/14/2017

Close up of reverse stamping St Patrick's Day Chall 03/14/2017

Supplies used for reverse stamping St Patrick's Day Chal 03/14/2017
I don't think I did too bad.  I had some tears from cutting the decal away around the cuticle, so I covered them up with some gold studs.

I really enjoy challenges in groups because it forces to me to learn something new and exciting.  

Thanks for stopping by and have an awesome day!
Supplies used:
Big Peel Away base coat - Sally Hansen
Jelly stamper and scraper - Born Pretty
Stamping Plate BC-06 - (unknown maker, purchased in a destash)
Go for Gold - Sally Hansen Insta Dry (used to stamp)
Queen of Green - Sinful Colors Luck of the Stylish Collection
I'm Sooooo Swamped! - OPI New Orleans Collection
A Heart of Gold - Nicole by OPI
Quick Dry Top Coat - Out the Door
Gold Studs - KISS

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